100 m World Record Evolution

The World's Fastest Men in Motion


  1. I am coming Guy's
  2. times have changed because everytime time i see a white man in a race it makes me laugh seems
  3. i run 100 m in 8.90
  4. shit comparaison, video not synchrnisation ! Owen 10.2 SEMI-FINAL, final 10.3 OPPOSED MELCAFE
  5. 100 m World Steroid Evolution
  6. 10.5 versus 9.58 ? i am here to see it.
  7. then they discovered black people
  8. I don't think so
  9. does China in it?
  10. How can u say fake ? I just put videos of sprinters together ! I choose to decrease the chrono, without considering the date, going to the faster and putting 2 race together, just to compare speed.. I thought it was simple to understand..
  11. I was about to say that
  12. shit, for one second I thought we had a new invention lol
  13. Oh i am just kidding. There are no such thing as running machine in the world but i hope it dose
  14. what do you mean about "running machine" ?
  15. i got to buy a running machine right away after this awsome video
  16. Nice video.......

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