13 Biggest Snake Hoaxes Ever

Biggest snake hoaxes in the world. If you're scared of snakes don't watch this. 13 Snake Bites Electric Fence: The images have been around since about 2005 but were taken on the Silent Valley Game Ranch in Limpopo province, South Africa. The snake is an African rock Python and can reach lengths up to 30 feet long making it the 3rd largest snake in the world. 12 Snake Found in personal computer Tech support: "Hello, computer tech support." Customer: "Hello, my computer was making a strange hissing noise last night and this morning when I turned it on there was a crackling noise and some smoke then nothing. If I bring it in can you fix it?" Take a look at the pictures . . .you won't believe it!! !! 11 Giant rattle snake killed in Florida A 2007 email with this photo attached proclaimed...of course with the requisite exclamation points!!! Golf Anyone? Timber Rattler Watch them snakes!!!!!!! This is a Timber Rattler killed at Oakview Golf Course in Macon, GA within the last few days. Killed with a two iron on hole number 8. This is the greens keeper pictured, the snake killer is not pictured but was said to have come across the snake looking for a lost ball. 10 Clay County Rattler This Rattlesnake was caught in Clay County, WV on 5-21-05. It weighed over 50 IBS and was 8' long. 09 Florida Utility Workers Vs Alligator and Rattle Snakes The setting, Orlando International Airport. Florida power and light employees were putting in lines for an addition at the airport when they found an 18 foot long alligator and 80 rattlesnakes. 08 Man eaten by giant python snake a drunk man was eaten by a python after fell asleep outside of a liquor store somewhere in India. 07 Snake bursts after eating alligator taken in Florida's Everglades National Park on September 26 in 2005. 13 foot burmese python was attempting to swallow a 6 foot alligator whole 06 Giant snake eats a cow or wallaby 2007 Photo of Olive Python pulling a cow / wallaby out of the water. 05 Giant Snake Caught In The Red Sea A monster snake of epic proportions that was responsible for the deaths of over 300 tourists and over 120 divers in the Red Sea was found and killed by a special team of Egyptian Scientists and Divers 04 Large snake found on car motor 2004 photo of ball python dead on Acura motor engine. 03 Centipede Vs Snake April 2014 image of centipede eating it way out of snake. 02 7 Headed Snake Found In India GOD SAVE US. THIS SNAKE WAS FOUND IN THE MOUNTAINS OF HONDURAS. AND THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF A SNAKE WITH 7 HEADS AND WITH THIS WE SEE THAT IT IS FULFILLING EVERYTHING THAT IS WRITTEN. LORD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOUL'S  01 Snakes Kills Child In Burger King Ball Pit 1998 legend of 3 year old boy killed by baby rattlers in Burger King ball pit.


  1. thats so crazy
  2. The snake and alligator one is actually true. I'd go along with a combination of the alligator still being alive and managing to break half-way free while another came along and beheaded the snake as well. Snakes are known for being pretty ambitious eaters...and sometimes very, very stupid ambitious eaters.
  3. I dont think its true
  4. This is real, trust me, snakes LOVE warm places. There was a bermes Python that went into a car near a engine (I don't spell)
  5. 11 is an obvious example of forced perspective.
  7. I rally do not get how i saw a purple rattlesnake next to my driveway i swear and i live in georgia i really do not get how but i swear i saw so did my mom
  8. Why did i watched that
  9. rip
  10. 4:00 looks like they placed a snake on a photo with 3 men.
  11. All story are fake because they want likes and subscribers
  12. it's amazing
  13. fake
  14. I 've bin to Orlando airport and you do get alligators but not ripping diamond rattlers
  15. First one i belive
  16. #2 Indian prophecies
  17. well I know a reticulated python did at least once
  18. wow I never knew that!!it's crazyy
  19. please subscribe to me

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