200m final Usain Bolt world record 19.19

Record del mondo di Usain Bolt a Berlino 2009 sui 100 metri piani 9.58


  1. At 3:58 you can see all the best runner in the world on the same line and then there is bolt
  2. fastest men on earth
  3. しかも向かい風っていうね
  4. did anyone notice bolt speed is the same 37.5km/h when he run 100m in 9.58 and now 400m in 19.19
  5. i am faster ahahhaaahah
  6. Gased them all
  7. Had Shaq or Garnett been sprinter and atrophied upper body, they would be fastest.
  8. that's really amazing 😃
  9. cool
  10. I can't stand that blue track!!
  11. why do niggers run so fast???
  12. To me this is bolts greatest race of raw speed!
  13. note...there are no white guys competing lol
  14. IT SAID 19.20 and you wrote 19.19 XD
  15. 3:36 when it start
  16. haha every time i watch one of these... things... i really feel like running!! 4 like... 2 miles..! :)))
  17. kiraak
  18. who disliked this vedio?
    haters is the correct answer
  19. good
  20. greatest race ever for 2nd place!

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