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  1. I agree with it4 mpg
  2. why do you smoke
  3. some explain how nick is getting shots fired at him
  4. This man flight don't understand this whole video was a joke
  5. Probably sucks curry and prettyboyfrato dick
  6. true
  7. Your laugh is annoying
  8. What the hell is that hella cringy laugh
  9. fck you steph curry sock nigga you laugh like dophin bitch kobe is 5 times champion you bitch
  10. true curry is not that good and I don't like kobe and I still rather pull him out of a box of fruit loops
  11. who scored 81 vs falters and 60 in the last game he played
  12. curry
  13. u suck
  14. Yup! Overreacting and add a fake ass laugh to get views... Hold this L
  15. Well Kobe is better than steph and has way better cards than curry
  16. Curry better than Kobe

    I'm shleep cuh:/
  17. I get it because ttg touts to be roommates with nickthebullsfan
  18. I don't get it
  20. Dat laugh do

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