543,210 Dominoes - Dominoland - 3 Guinness World Records | 4K

http://www.sinnersdominoentertainment.com Edited by http://austriandominoart.com Produced in 4K | UltraHD Extra page: German: http://www.sinnersdominoentertainment.com/domino-kettenreaktion-events English: Coming Soon REWE-Domino-Event 2015 Motto: ‘Dominoland - Reaching The Limit’ 543,210 Dominoes / 537,938 Dominoes toppled Date: Saturday, 15th August 2015 Location: Mittelstufenturnhalle in Nidda (Germany) Official Sinners Domino Entertainment (SDE) Event 2015 Builders: 16 (Sinners Domino Entertainment (4), Austrian Domino Art (3), MHedomino (2), Jaytar42, Dominofan0803, Dominofan238, Ludominosa, Linux5324, NanoDomino, DominoERDMANN) The most dominoes toppled underwater by a team is 11,466 and was achieved by Sinners Domino Entertainment (Germany) on the set of "Dominoland - Reaching The Limit" in Nidda, Germany, on 15 August 2015. The tallest domino 2D pyramid was 2,88 meters high and consisted of 7,260 dominoes as erected and toppled by Sinners Domino Entertainment (Germany), on the set of "Dominoland - Reaching The Limit" in Nidda, Germany, on 15 August 2015. The largest domino portrait covered an area of 72m² and consisted of 150,174 dominoes as set up by Sinners Domino Entertainment (Germany), on the set of "Dominoland - Reaching The Limit" in Nidda, Germany, on 15 August 2015. Special Thanks to our sponsors and partners: REWE Rainer Lapp OHG Goliath Toys B.V. Bäckerei Naumann GmbH & Co. KG Sperling & Partner Baugesellschaft mbH Landmetzgerei & Partyservice Heiko Nagel Deko-Studio Schwab GmbH & Co. KG Concept: Patrick Sinner, Dustin Grünwald, Sascha Wilzewski Creative and Executive Producer: Patrick Sinner Domino-Design: Patrick Sinner, Dustin Grünwald Builders: Christian Bernges, Alexandra Benz, Christian Engelbrecht, Dustin Grünwald, Tom Gowin, Matthias Heinzelmann, Simon Heinzelmann, Jonathan Hofinger, Jakob Kerkhoff, Justin Kühn, Samuel Möhler, Lukas Prinz, Marcel Pürrer, Mathias Ritter, Sascha Wilzewski Unit Manager: Marcel Pürrer Video Producer: Mathias Ritter, Patrick Sinner Event Technology Supervisor: Matthias Heinzelmann Verification Record Attempts / Record Adjudication: Kurt Weckesser (Notary), Olaf Kuchenbecker (Rekord Institut für Deutschland), Eva Norroy (Guinness World Records) Further Thanks goes to (in alphabetical order): Agentur Naumann (Marc Naumann) Andrea Hennecke Andreas Englisch Divimove GmbH Gebäudemanagement Wetteraukreis (Manfred Kraft) Gerhard Sinner Jürgen & Bianca Kaufmann Luca Schmidt Maria Lamping Mittelstufenschule Nidda (Mischko Todorovic) Sascha Gottschalk Sat.1 17:30 Live Schmidt & Schulheiß Elektroinstallation Stadt Nidda (Hans-Peter Seum) Stamm Waagen- und Kassensysteme GmbH Werner Libesch Music: Trailer - IronHorse_Production Chasing The Future - NoiseWorld © http://www.sinnersdominoentertainment.com (2015) All rights reserved.


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  2. how long does it take them to build all of this?!
  3. God job love steve gobs
  4. The legend Steve Jobs thumbs up
  5. now clean up your mess
  7. spettacolare complimenti 😁😁
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  9. I'd topple that thing for looking perfect
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  11. the audience is annoying
  12. I'm predicting that the money spent if they bought it was over 1 thousand dollars and used OVER 200 000 dominos! 😉
  13. So many fails this vid sucks
  14. esto esta padricimo
  15. wtf do they get payd
  16. watch the video paused at 0:45 seconds THAT GUYS FACIAL EXPRESSION THO
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  19. I wish my enemy built them
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