70 Most Insanely Unbeatable World Records of All Time

Here's the Top 70 Most Unbeatable World Records of All Time


  1. 12:01 kys
  2. Earth is overpopulated, overexploited and overpolluted, we have to decrease. Less births, better consumption (organic, recycled, renewable...) and reforestation for a living planet (trees, oxygene, biodiversity...).
  3. Wow
  4. i think this is good for educational purposes and these people have tryed hard to get where they are.
  5. worlds smallest waist.. what a dumb fucking cunt. these people are mentally ill
  6. the bee man was fucking insane. i have no idea why they didnt sting him
  7. ew ferne fucking cotton trying to infect california with her presence. she needs to do one.
  8. What year they do this video
  9. 12" of water and 2 feet of pads. He dose not even need the water.Lame
  10. Aaaaaaa
  11. yep I'm gonna try that because I have a moter bike half a street and have always wanted to risk my life riding through a "raging tunnel of fire"
  12. 8million views and only 190 comments?
  13. Omg .-.
  14. I love these extreme activities... I still can perform some
  15. Check out the Mandela effect on youtube!! You will be astonished!!!
  16. this 4:3 is burning my eyes
  17. Fuck her and her red coat
  18. awesome <3
  19. i87666g6ju
  20. The girl in the red and her bad accent needs to shut up.

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