9 Great Lost Cities

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  1. I keep hearing 42 here
  2. Mesa Verde is pretty cool you should go there
  3. 15:17 don't kill me or my son ever again!
  4. always love to hear this guy's 42 intro
  5. IT is forever Lost to time IT is
  6. pompeii wasn't ALLLLL bad: it created an AMAZING song
  7. Heeey 42 here
  8. Having a royal family is no diff than an oligarchy
  9. What's stupid is the queen is the head of the Church of England
  10. I don't like the political comments...we really don't know if saddam was a brutal dictator...and Iraqis are the children of babylonians thank you.
  11. I like this but I don't
  12. what about Chernobyl
  13. This is alot useful factual info. Make it it Legit and put your sources your team and you used down in the " show more " section.

    I'm hitting Britannica, so interesting, tower of Babel.......
  14. Atlantis is probably in the Bermuda Triangle because its a mysteries place ...
  15. FFS, can you look up "how to pronounce conquistador " already? It makes me want to pull my ears out!
  16. Rome :( sob sob
  17. Iram of the Pillars??
  18. Playing Angry Birds on your phone while eating a Big Mac. Thats the whatsapp status of our society.
  19. does he have legs
  20. Great video, "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it", I have always loved that quote. Love your videos, thank you!

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