All the World Records of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

A rundown of all the new world records set at the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here:


  1. Strip Wayne van niekerk of his gold and world record. He's a drug cheat
  2. 9/10 comments are about wieght lifting and ryan murphy
  3. Too much editing. Just show the clips :S
  4. forgot about Ryan Murphy's 100m backstroke at 51.85 for swimming
  5. in paraolimpics?
  6. The only one i remember exactly is wayde van nierkerks
  7. ryan murphy
  8. Where his neymars fastest goal in olympic history
  9. The Chinese cycling helmets scared me at first.
  10. what about ryan murphy's 100 back record to lead off the 400 medley relay
  11. They forgot the men's 100 backstroke world record
  12. GB Women's Team Pursuit broke the world record 3 times....................... in Qualifying, the Semi finals and the final
  13. Where's the 4x100 USA Women's? They got a world record or was that in London? Idk
  14. That 43.03 400m is godlike
  15. Forgot Ryan's 100m back world record that he set in the 4x100m medley relay😬
  16. Neymar's world record ? Fastest goal in an Olympic match, i think it was ? why isn't it in the video ?
  17. you forgot neymars fastest goal scored
  18. yeah, Katinkaaa!!
    aki magyar, lájk!!
  19. What about neymars goal?

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