Amazing Blue Whale - the Biggest Whale in the World!

Blue whales are the largest animals ever to have lived on our planet... even bigger than the largest of Dinosaurs!! In this unique footage, filmed by underwater cameraman Roger Munns, we have captured this massive creature near the surface, before it dives down into the deep blue. Follow Weird Underwater World on Facebook - Underwater Cameraman: Roger Munns Shot using Gates underwater housings - Footage ©Scubazoo Visit our website for licensing details


  1. Stab him in his back!
  2. how heavy is it?
  3. which is bigger sperm whale or blue whale
  4. plz the name of this music :-)
  5. it's a giant sea cucumber
  6. the audio track has been changed previously this video had a great background music
  7. Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here?
  8. Well im from Norway and we dont have Blue whale here so we dont kill blue whales. but there is a few whaling boats eatch has about 15 animals in a year( the whale is vågehval in Norwegian). thats the amount of whale killing here. the whale is killed with explosive harpunes. and there is a strict system around this.
    theese beutiful animals are free and wild until the moment they are killed.what about chicken pigs cows fox and so on have you guys ever wonderd about that, animals keept in cages there intire life, many at poor conditions. what is the most humane here. all are animals, living breathing creatures that has the right to live OR -------- maybe its onley the whale.
  9. The biggest known animal on Earth ;)
  10. Well it's no dinosaur, but it is massive.
  11. holy shit. who else got a Galaxy s8 blue whale ad before the video. not only that but it looked like the same video as the one we are watching lol
  12. its so beautiful
  13. Awesome
  14. 1:02 that flap could whoop the shit out of you
  15. Is it just my school that says a blue whale is 2 football fields long?
  16. Looks like a random happy banana swimming happily in the deep blue sea.
  17. its beautiful
  18. awesome video! checkout my recent drone video of whales! just subscribed to you!
  19. Life Noggin brought me here

Additional Information:

Visibility: 3880276

Duration: 1m 40s

Rating: 8026