Are these 6 big high school lacrosse hits penalties?

Are they penalties, or legal, punishing lacrosse hits? Here are 6 of the most bone-crushing smackdowns we've gotten on film. What do you think?


  1. Most of them are headshots / crosschecks lmao
  2. yes, possibly, no, no(unless it was a cross check, couldn't tell), yes(cross check, not illegal body check), no(unless it was a cross check, couldn't tell)
  3. First 4 i were either blind side hit or too high and the 5th one was fine 6th, slight possibility of a cross check
  4. When your high school is in the video and isn't the one laying the hits.........
  5. yea everyone is getting soft now a days
  6. I think hitting is ok to a point, deliberately going out of the way to blindside a kid and try and put him down is kinda just wrong in my opinion.
  7. First 3 I would say are illegal, definitely the first one. The 2nd and third were pretty high hits so that's probably why they were called but 4 and 5 should be legal and 6 looked like a definite cross check
  8. Fist one yes. The cunt cross checked the guy in the neck
  9. 44 got beat the hell up
  10. the first two clips are way fucking illegal...the rest is legal to me
  11. yeah. the last one looked the most legal. he took like 2 steps.
  12. most are to the head except for the ones where the ball carrier runs straight at them
  13. All were legal except the first one
  14. first one was a little late
    second one was a bit high
    but the rest are clean
  15. im seeing people say only one was illegal, there was more than one, if your hands aren't together like at 0:42 or if you run at them from more than 5 yards
  16. I heard a couple helmet to helmets, but most of these were clean hits at the time they were shot (judging by quality)
    But yeah, now a days yeah most all of these would land you in the box or even a swift ejection.
  17. 1st Late hit and arm extension
    2nd because of helmet to helmet
    And maybe last one for cross check....
    The rest just hard hits in my opinion
  18. 5 and 6 were legal
  19. 0:08 illegal (waay to high) 0:14 (not a hit but maybe a slash?) 0:18 illegal (high again) 0:25 legal (maybe illegal now because of a new defenseless player rule) 0:36 illegal (crosscheck put his hands together and its textbook) 0:43 legal (fucking textbook and the kid is a pussy for shying away and not just doing a simple face dodge.. everyone saw that coming from a mile away)
  20. Is that Boca High

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