Biggest Hits In Rugby History

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  1. Rugby league is not proper rugby, so none of those hits should be on here!
  2. Haha, the good hits back when shoulder charges were allowed!!
  3. Skinny rats
  4. not bad.. but not the biggest HITS LOL...
  5. if you're going to bring in league. The 70's. Those guys cruelled the vague idea of human compassion..... you're a big guy, good for you, meet the ground.......I didn't play at that level. Every time I trained on those surfaces though. Give me the All Blacks any day, they may run rings around me, at least I get a chance to say 'hey? he fell funny.'
  6. What's the song
  7. Song?
  8. Step in rugby
    1. Get a big fat guy
    2. Get him to be able to run but not lose weight
    3. Win
  9. 2:41 Dude fucking surfed on him there for a second holy shit!
  10. oy vey...can't be good for the noodle
  11. why putting Cooper on the photo :D ??
  12. Keep your head up
  13. Where is Sebastien Chabal vs New Zealand
  14. This putts football to shame
  15. Song ?
  17. There is ALOT of big hits missing
  18. HISTORY is a big word... its more like SOME, missing A LOT more
  19. What do u use to edit
  20. Hello, would you mind adding Bspor in the recommended channels and we yours, OK? Sorry for bad English..

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