In this video you will see amazing bonus round with Retriggers , great Wild Horde feature,full screen of MICHONNE mega big win and my biggest JACKPOT HANDPAY as it happens live on The Walking Dead 2 slot machine. My Grand JACKPOT WIN happened on my 2 day trip to Agua Caliente casino,CA. I guess you never know where BIG WIN meant to be waiting for you. Amazing feeling. Please subscribe, like and share for more. Thank you for watching and support.


  1. OMG! i really didn't think the grand was possible...congrats!!
  2. cheeky 13K.. Nice.
  3. That was awesome! Congrats
  4. now I want to go to casino!
  5. I feel like I won with you!!!!
  6. So excited to go this weeked and play...i may just do the 200$ & see where it takes me :). Congrats!
  7. That outro to the video was extra funny after that jackpot like "F ALL Y'ALL I GOT 13 GRAND!"
  8. amazing 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
  9. Hi 💙, congrats on the grand jackpot! ❤ the game. Well done @aristocratslots
  10. Wow!!!! Congratulations
  11. Wow how did I miss this I've been waiting for you or sdguy hit this great win blue
  12. No Comment From Shit Stain SD1234 that tops any video he ever posted..been watching you long time Blue Amazing Win 😌
  13. Finally Got To Witness That Was EPIC!" 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
  14. suck it again sdguy
  15. That was nice. Great win so great to see a real win. Congrats. That was simply awesome, You da man......Aloha
  16. Congrats homie. Loved the clip from naked gun where he and his girl clothesline the couple on the beach.
  17. OMG!!! Congrats!!!
  18. Wow way to go!
  19. Blue, you the man on WD2!!! now we know its possible to pick the Grand! Congrats!!!!! You and Michonne, have a good relationship!!😆
  20. omg!!! congratulations!!!!!! That was an AWESOME JACKPOT

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