Biggest Rugby Hits - Brutal Rugby Hits | Reaction

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  1. Bro your a fucking beast, subbed!❤
  2. Take your pads and helmet off and play Rugby, see if your hits are harder in American football then.
  3. react to rugby till I collapse
  4. This is weak wtf? I ain't even gon front, you would get snapped in half playing against these dudes
  5. NRL HITS react please
  6. react to rugby hits till i collapse
  7. That's nothing watch this Rugby till I collapse most of it is from the NRL AKA Rugby League from Australia
  8. If you have a look at this video, you'll get a quick taste of how a game of rugby union flows and the ball stays live for most of the game.

    Most Entertaining 3 Minutes of Rugby Ever -
  9. React to (nrl big hits till I collapse) way better video 🙏🏼
  10. 4mins of smashes
  11. React to krept and konan my story fam
  12. You would be fast fam but tbf you are to slim and if you can't fight like a heavy weight boxer then you got no chance. American football & rugby are to different games. After one game you would retire
  13. You cannot hit as hard as in football because 1) there are no pads, but 2) it's a continuous game, so no downs, no separate teams for offense and defense and not many stoppages in play. You play 40 mins each half as offense and defense with no break, and you have to be careful when you try to tackle the ball carrier because if you commit too many players to stop him or you take yourself out of the game by flying in to the tackle wildly, he can pass the ball and his team mate has no one covering him.
  14. (4)Rugby hits - Rugby
    Till I collapse
    Get up on this then mah 'G'
  15. Nice reaction mate, always like to see it from guys that play another contact sport and can relate to waht they are watching! what do you mean how do you get into rugby though lol. No offense I like american football too but rugby is popular in way more countries! If you wanna see some skills though, and not just hits, react to The Footwork of Shaun Johnson and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck - (rugby league though, this video was rugby union).
  16. react to Fedor emillianenko highlights he the best mma fighter ever
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