Biggest Rugby Hits Burtal Rugby hits 2016 - Reaction!

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  1. I got triggered when he said based off of football
  2. I love playing rugby am it's soooo fun, I live breath and eat rugby 😂
  3. Its not based off American football dumbass
  4. I watched 50 seconds of this video and already hate you
  5. And no pads bro
  6. they wear no pads at all
  7. I would and i am playing high school Rugby and yes if you get hit hard it hurts but it is one of the most fun sports i have ever played
  8. I'm a rugby boyyy
  9. I play rugby and football. Im a starting runninback and linebacker in football and play multiple positions in rugby. Im 5'10 and 145 pounds and just turned 14 and i have to say, rugby is overall a game with harder hits, better runs, and a better overall experience. Rugby truly does take balls.
  10. I play it
  11. rugby was here befor football. football copy rugby new zaeland team called all blacks are the best in the world because there has been rugby world cup for 19 yaers new zealand won it 13 times so we just lost 6 world cups and 2 in a row the only courty to do so.
  12. There's really only one player in pro rugby who is known for concussions
  13. I play rugby since my 5th
  14. check skirlaugh bulls Web page kids do that stuff as well
  15. I play rugby and I'm 10
  16. An average game, each player can 3-5 car crash impact hits.
    They are expected to get back up, into position and carry on.
    Rugby is very fast, very brutal and apart from the odd fist fight, they will have a few beers with each other after the game.
    If you want to see a truly brutal tackle, Youtube Lewsey on Rogers.
    Now this is rugby revenge, a its perfectly legal finest 👌
  17. NFLol
  18. I'm from the UK- Wales and I'm 13 and play rugby
  19. HUGE RUGBY HITS 2017 |Super Rugby|NRL|7s "TILL I COLLAPSE"

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