Biggest Rugby Union and League Bumps, Tackles and Fends

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  1. Most of this was blacks bumping whites
  2. Damn!! that dude is not human 4:22
  3. having played nz first grade league and a provincial rep in union,union is the toughest game especially if u r a forward,rucks and nauls make it so,bigger men also average league playing forward is about 100kgs-115kgs in union is normal,,SBW played in backs in union,forwards in league,he was too small for union forwards,though he would have made a good flanker
  4. Second music ?
  5. I love dumping ppl its so fun
  6. Bad song choice
  7. Very good vid man. I need some big hits in my life. Keep up the good work for real dawg. Awe
  8. awesome
  9. really shitty music
  10. why didn't you put tuilagi getting smashed in a trysaver
  11. I can sense he's samoan
  12. Who is 0:20? He seems pretty beast
  13. song 1:00?
  14. subscribe to me everyone in the comment section down below
  15. Song 3:50 ?
  16. nice vid ..killed the music
  17. Song
  18. nathan peats broke his forearm on tamalolo knee cap. ouch
  19. I'm on the school rugby
  20. 2nd song plz

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