WHAT AN INSANE DAY! These kids are gonna be the best in the world one day! This was our 3rd or 4th episode of Breaking World Records and definitely our best yet! 14 CODYS IN A ROW! Some of the most unbelievable trampoline tricks we've ever seen went down... and they were done by kids not even half our age! Full in to kaboom, full in to DOUBLE KABOOM, what was even going on... We tried to do some backflips onto the target... we messed around a little bit... and much more. If you guys haven't seen our other breaking world records videos... check them out here: BREAKING TRAMPOLINE WORLD RECORDS!!! (NOT SAFE) RE-BREAKING TRAMPOLINE WORLD RECORD!!!! BREAKING WORLD RECORDS: 100 BACKFLIP TO FRONTFLIPS IN A ROW!!! If you guys want to see more of these breaking trampoline world records videos drop a comment down below letting us know that you do, AND give us any ideas for world records you want to see broken! We will see you tomorrow and HAPPY EASTER! Make sure to turn on your post notifications and drop a comment for a chance to win a shoutout every day! SEND US MAIL! P.O. Box address: _ Beau Bros 25060 Hancock Ave., Ste 103-520 Murrieta, CA 92562 SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS BY CLICKING THE BELL NEXT TO THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON (After you subscribe)!!!!: CHECK OUT OUR PLAYLIST WITH A COLLECTION OF OUR PERSONAL FAVORITES!!!: CHECK OUT OUR BOTTLE FLIP PLAYLIST!!!: CHECK OUT OUR TRAMPOLINE PLAYLIST!!!: FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL MEDIA BELOW! _ Instagram: Snapchat: Twitter: SEE YOU GUYS TOMORROW!


  1. Under the supertramp
  2. Congrats Beau Bros
  3. I think they hid it under the trampoline!🤣
  4. I would hide the golden egg under the trampoline
  5. I love how they just histerically start laughing
  6. I saw myself in the video
  7. Next Time buy the best Kid food
  8. Hi
  9. #beau bros shoutout
  10. i have my post Notifications. You Guy's are Awesome.
  11. 6:20 boy in the background😂
  12. 14 codys wow
  13. I used two accounts to sub with notifications and liked vidieo and tomorrow my birthday I'm turning 11
  14. You look like Shaqiri
  15. Legend says that the kid at 6:20 is still waiting...
  16. where is the part when he broke the trampoline?
  17. What is the Song on 3:29? The close one
  18. I have post notifications on!!! Check out my youtube: Jared McKenna
  19. I would hide the golden egg in the foam pit
  20. Great video

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