Civilization 5 - The Eternal City

Empires rise and fall, but this city is always here. Growing...waiting... ;) Zachęcam do przeczytania recenzji Civilization 5:


  1. It took you 541 turns for a science victory LOL
  2. how the fuck did his happiness jump from 11 to like 100
  3. Man that was over half a decade ago. Wonder if he has gotten any better at civ?
  4. 223 turn, Aztec, population 53:D
  5. One time i had a level 74 attila's court with 90 percent of all wonders.
  6. Thats not that big i have hade a city at 46 pop with the shoshone on king
  7. As Venice on King difficulty, I've got a city to size 44 and growing fairly fast around turn 300
  8. On Emperor I got Gao (Songhai) to 49 at the Atomic Era, and because I hadn't realised I was stagnated Tomboucto managed to get to 54 by Atomic.
  9. I was Venice and I got my capital to 88, with 8-10 turns growth it was turn 600 tho
  10. on prince I got Mumbai to a 51
  11. One time I had a size 44 city, except I wasn't on settler -_-
  12. I played Venice and I was like 40 population at 1800s I don't know what the fuck happened
  13. And now you can get off settler mode
  14. By the time I was in the Renaissance Most of my cities are over 30 population.... 
  15. i can make that much money in the renissance era
  16. well this was how good i was doing the first time i played civ5
  17. its okay i geuss
  18. possibly one of the worst cities ive ever seen
  19. Why were you jerkin the desert?
  20. One of my favourite things in Civ V is just observing my cities expand and progress. It is supremely satisfying to remember what a tiny community of hovels your megalopolis was in the beginning!

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