Civilization 6: City Layout Guide - Districts and Wonders

The spread-out cities in Civilization 6 are going to require a lot of strategy and planning to optimally place your Districts and Wonders. You want to take advantage of adjacency bonuses and reserve spots for wonders that are restricted to certain terrain. This strategy guide maps out a process by which you can think about your placement. Spreadsheet: Don't forget to use your map pins, and don't forget that you will never build all districts or wonders in a single city. Plan out which cities are going to be optimum for each district and wonder.


  1. Do adjacency bonuses still apply for other cities?
  2. good tips!
  3. Thanks for sharing the sheet! Being that it's now Feb 2017, is the spreadsheet still up to date? For example, if you discovered more in-depth things, or if Civ VI changed some things since then?
  4. good video, but how do you place a map marker?
  5. I think we should also consider spies? A spy can protect its current and adjecent tiles. Its hard to get a spy. So, having all the districts adjecnt to each other allows us to have just 1 spy protect them all.
  6. Came here because i just cant get the hang of the new Civ 6 systems, and got way more than i bargained for! Thanks and keep the great videos coming man
  7. Nice video...was lost as I started with civ 6 and have only previously played civ 3(i think), but now it makes a heck of a lot more sense
  8. thanks for doing this! would have taken so long!
  9. Best district explanation available. Thorough but easy to understand. Thanks
  10. this is all mentioned in the game... i was hoping for more in depth explanation like the industrial zone factory strategy that trump (the civ player) showed where u build cities at minimal distance from each other to share each others factory bonuses
  11. Thank you for this! Very informative.
  12. Using up a seconds Browser window to cover up that unnecessary right side of the video...
  13. Hi. please help can I somehow build over recources. I have jade right next to the city and i want to get rid of it.
  14. great vid, thanks
  15. Informative but not overwhelming.
    Thank you.
  16. The entertainment complex gets no adjacency bonus fuck im an idiot
  17. Thank you. I have watched top strategy guide videos on Civilization 6 and they are full of insight, advise, opinion and humor but they often don't break down things to comparative numbers as clearly as you express them. They say this is better than that in their opinion but they don't often have numbers to support their point.
  18. Could you provide a link for us to download the chart you made that explains all this? Thanks for the very helpful video!

    Edit: Nevermind, I see you already did. Thanks very much!
  19. damn you're hot as fuck
  20. I like the way you presented this information. Keep making civ 6 vids and you got a new subscriber!

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