Civilization 6 - Mega City #4

Support me on Patreon: A couple more districts down and more trade routes Join me in the quest for Utopia, the German Mega City. 7 Cities, 4 hexes apart, maximum district adjacency. In this episode we place a few more districts and set up another trade route. We have two cities left to build and we'll get to that next time. Get it on Steam: Join our Discord: Follow me on Twitter: Thanks to my Patrons: Haggle1996, Jason, Waterlubber, Aralia Almendral-Todd, Fluffy Cloud Music: Latin Industries - Kevin MacLeod ( Cognitive Dissonance - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. making a "Mega City" is really amazing idea. i hope to see the final result very soon otherwise... i'll steal this idea of yours and do it by myself :D
  2. Really enjoy the theorycrafting, thanks! On a different note, I am a little curious why you seem reluctant to buy territory tiles, for example the builder/stone example in this video. I see that the natural border growth does obtain the stone reasonably soon afterwards, but wouldnt the extra production capability from the quarry make it worth the gold investment to get it sooner? Doing it for the hansa square seemed important enough to do it, but you still appeared very reluctant. Interested to hear your thoughts.
  3. start a war against someone

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