Civilization VI ► 10 Biggest Changes in Civ 6!

We've got a lot of Civilization VI info so far. Let's package it nicely in a top 10 of the biggest changes! More Civ 6 videos : In this video I condense the information and arrange it into sections: 1. Unstacked cities 2. Localised Happiness 3. Roads by Trade 4. Agendas & Gossip 5. Unit Stacking 6. Eureka Moments 7. Civics 8. Religion 9. Multiplayer 10 Viable Playstyles .~ ■ Check out more stuff! ■ Subscribe! » Website: » Facebook: » Google+: » Twitter: Thanks for watching! Also, if you like you can support me on Patreon:


  1. that happiness is fucked up lol it doesn't matter how much a city is unhappy it wont fuck with the empire lol
  2. wish there were marriages for diplomatic reasons like they did in olden days
  3. Where is Persia? that is disappointing
  4. they made great work in the software-policy BUT i want the CIV5 graphics look-like with the new software-backround of CIV6!!! They made a GAME TO GO HIGHER but with STUPID unrealistic's contradiction to me.....i wanted this game so much!!!! i looooove CIV5 with many many howers/months of playing...and i really wanted these changes...but when i saw how it looks it seems like a facebook game. SidM had a unique look and i love that graphic style....petyyyyy
  5. Best civilization game CIV 5:Brave New World
  6. covering up the skip ad button with a graphic? thanks douchebag.
  7. Though numerous changes, Gandhi will still nuke u.
  8. so looks like i wont enjoy this game how long do people think i would have to wait for the next civ btw i have 1700 hours on civ 5 and love it if i was only allowed 1 game the rest of my life it would either be a fallout game or civ 5.
  9. Roads in CIV 6 SUCK ASS.
  10. Does the narrator (aka Sean Bean) die? I've decided I'll buy it ONLY if he dies.
  11. So much relief that you dont have to build roads 1 by 1, was literally cancer
  12. I absolutely love the art style of Civ 6!
  13. Please tell me the tourism bullshit is no longer in civ 6
  14. Great video. I have never played a civilization game but I think its time I jump in. I have a steam account so I'm torn between getting V for a good price, or check out the newest version.
  15. what if my gold minus, i can't convert it
  16. The biggest change is passing from 32bits to 64bits. I'm not gonna buy a new computer to play civ vi. Not me, at least. I'm not that crazy.
  17. Is there an option where you could invite refugees that then, live from benefits, burn your city down and destroy economy?
  18. Whats the point of buying the first relase of game when you know that they would relase few paid dlc's in near future that will change game completly. Whata times we live in. People has to wait until complete edition.
  19. america attacked me when i was so friendly trading with them.

    i was arabia civ.
  20. When will it be available in pirate bay ?

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