Civilization VI #5 : Naming Cities

After a massive patch we can now name our cities ridiculous things! The AI is also far more intelligent... I'm sure that won't be a problem?


  1. This was helpfull! 😄
  2. Hello. Cool video. Liked it a lot. I also play similar games and like them. Yours seems a little bit different though. Anyways, keep it up. Thanks a lot!
  3. ya us Catholics have a history of hunting other religions and being hunted by them
  4. its ur turn in Fall Of Kermin
  5. I love this series
  6. Am I a prophet of the Tread God, or a figure to be feared and hated?
  7. Build the Maginot line
  8. 13th view :P
  9. This is amazing video! I wonder when you are going to attack india...

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