Civilization VI ► Persia DLC in Civ 6 - But WTF for Digital Deluxe Owners?

Persia has finally been announced as a new civ in Civilization VI but it being a DLC has some weird implications for Digital Deluxe owners and the 4 included DLC! Why Multiplayer Sucks! : Is Civ 6 Worth It? : Continue the Civ 6 discussion in chat on my new Discord server! Here's an invite: In this video, I talk about the Persia DLC and its implications on Digital Deluxe owners. Original Reveal Video Official Blog Post on Persia DETAILS OF PERSIA Leader: Cyrus II Leader Bonus: Fall of Babylon Civ Bonus: Satrapies Unique Unit: The Immortal Unique Infrastructure: Pairidaeza Improvement Support me on Patreon : .~ ■ Check out more stuff! ■ Subscribe! » Website: » Facebook: » Google+: » Twitter: Thanks for watching!


  1. Civ games are a scam, sure while the games might be entertaining, they milk their fanbase unfairly. Wait for a game of the year version I say (and am waiting).
  2. Can people stop paying for content before they know what it is now? It is a fucking stupid decision to make, and now every gaming company knows they can cheat their customers for more money just by throwing in a little bit of hype. It sucks that they are ripping you off, but you also let them do it.
  3. Hmmm
    RM to SG
    12 ÷ 3= 4
  4. Before you brought out this video did you check with the developers if this was the last part of the deluxe version? As far as I read from them this is not the last. Perhaps you are taking these micro transactions as full DLC's? I think there will be many more but we will have at least two of the big DLC's covered. Anyhow unsub for trying to cause panic and not looking into it.
  5. I had no clue these civs were dlc i thought it was all free dlc but i did buy the digital deluxe
  6. Well, looks like potential fraud lawsuits are incoming.
  7. As far as I know the Immortals can't capture cities. In one of the Developer-streams they mentioned that you would have to have other, melee units with your Immortals to successfully capture cities
  8. WOOHOO!! I save a whole 1.46$ Canadian to have bought the Deluxe version...
  9. Did you put an update in the video saying Immortals can not cap cities. Because they cant
  10. I need more warmonger civs!
  11. They had a stream recently, the immortal is a ranged unit and cannot capture cities.
  12. Its sickening what game companies are getting away with these days, thats why I barely buy any games anymore.
  13. What a shame, if only they stuck to the Civ 5 release strategy with almost no DLC.
  14. Buying Digital Deluxe is even worse when you consider you might prefer other DLC's over others (like buy a future DLC instead of one of the first 4)
  15. EZ Solution.. Pirate Downlaod the Game..
  16. For German Civ- Fans almost zero sum
    59,99 + 4 * 4,99 = 79,95 without Deluxe-Extras
    79,99 Deluxe-Edition
  17. Also I don't know if anyone else noticed but Firaxis seems to have a thing to show factions in their intro that are not in vanilla game. In Civ5 intro you have vikings, but no Scandinavian factions without buying DLCs and in Civ6 intro winged hussars arrived but again you have to pay extra to actually have them in the game itself.
  18. Oh guys, sry but i wont rage like you, ive decided not to pay a single cent from the very moment they anounced civilizations not historicly important instead of for example persians..
  19. when can i get this dlc

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