Dropping the Bomb in Civilization 6

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  1. Gandhi intensifies
  2. In real life I am against using nukes
  3. Metro 2033 Prequel
  4. war.. war never changes
  5. buying an intel i5 8gb just for that?
  6. the bomber plane can drop them too
  7. Nuke War America vs Russia
  8. One man wants to see the world burn.
    His name is Gandhi.
  9. how do you gain vision to nuke people? is sending spies the only way I mean I can send sacrificial units but that's inefficient. seems you will always lose units anyway
  10. The logistics of building a large nuclear arsenal, let alone a thermonuclear one, in this game is not simple. It requires a massive amount of production power and a hefty bank account and income to maintain the units which are 14 and 16 gold pure turn, respectively. On top of that, even with a well oiled production matrix it still easily takes 10-20 turns or more to produce a single weapon, so you need multiple cities producing them at once....which massively reduces improvements in all other areas of advancement, which in turn makes production for the weapons slower AND you make less money to support said units. They aren't practical save a few for border protection. But, in the real world, they aren't practical either. I would set the timer on epic to enjoy the full effect of an organically grown cold war event. Then enjoy the utter annihilation of the Civ you spent hours creating! Just make sure to save before you blow the world up!
  11. Damn Gandhi dropping his bomb
  12. Where are the GDR's though. Civ VI doesn't have them.
  13. ugly human beings ....
  14. this never gets old
  15. SO you're saying that a Mobile SAM is useless? maintenance money just goes down the drain?
  16. GANDHIIIIIII!!!!!!!
  17. I still think they should add a second strike system in the game where if you nuke a civilization they already have pre planned retaliation nukes set to nuke right back on your cities. Lets say they add an option where you can have a planned first strike with pre set destinations set by you where your nukes will go. Then you click commence first strike and ALL of the nukes launch at your enemy at once then if they have a second strike set up they could have all their nukes launch at you at the same time.... This would be a great game mechanic and would prevent many from using nuclear weapons without thought or if you think your civilization can survive a nuclear war. Would be way better than watching your whole civ get nuked then next turn nuking back in an unrealistic and unpleasing display. as one wise man said "that was a grand display of fireworks!" wish it could be the same in civ 6 and hope they can do nukes right this time, or add it in a future update.
  18. I miss planet busters from Alpha Centuari...
  19. Can you annex those cities?
  20. Sir, you have become India

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