Fastest 100m Moonwalk - Official Guinness World Record

Ashiq Baluch breaking the 100m Moonwalk world record as seen on Guinness World Records Smashed! in the UK. If you like this then check out:


  1. I can do that....., hold my beer
  2. The guy in the white was just like runnning back
  3. i thought the lady narrator is jessie j
  4. the dog tho
  5. nice
  6. nice
  7. black dress man very super
  8. Some were just walking backwards :/
  9. The guy in blue was the only one who was even moonwalking
  10. i love the dog , the dog was the best
  12. the girl is just shit falling
  13. doing it gracefully matters more then doing it fast
  14. The one in he white suite cheated
  15. I swear...only white people...
  16. there good
  17. That not moon walk just shit !!
  18. Women…
  19. no
  20. jajajajjajaj mató verlos al principio caminando hacia atrás

Additional Information:

Visibility: 903807

Duration: 3m 51s

Rating: 2960