Feliks Zemdegs World Records New Edit 2014

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  1. chathoode
  2. Segunda temporada del señor de los cielo
    capítulo 89
  3. WTF
  4. The music killed it
  5. boring music but nice video
  6. Feliks Zemdegs Did a Unofficial WR of 4seconds
  7. respect!
  8. lol hes a little bitch
  9. Best intro ever not...
  10. Can anyone tell me which metod does feliks use to solve a rubix cube
  11. worst music ever
  12. are those..guys sitting beside who r staffs of world cube accosiation...are tey also cubers..???
  13. Loading.....lol
  14. australian ?
  15. I was in the U.K. (Midlands) heats for the 1982 world championships. I was 10 years old and got a time of 1:34. Nicholas Hammond won the heat with 35s I think. Anyway, that was 32 years ago and we had a better method of timing our solves than is used now. For some reason, solve times now include the time it takes to move your hands from two circles to the cube and then at the end (after putting the cube down) moving your hands back to the circles and touching them again. Why?? 32 years ago we had a square on the table with a sensor which could tell if the cube was on it or not. When you lifted the cube, the timer started. As soon as the cube touched the square again, the timer stopped. This would give a much closer indication of how long it takes to solve a cube (which is what it is all about). What we have now is an indication of how long it takes to solve a cube and do some other stuff.
  16. i want to be like feliks
  17. Fucking music
  18. lol he does the 5x5 just as fast as i do the 3x3, he's amazing :)
  19. man feliks is mlg pro
  20. un papillon il

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