Finn's New Records (1.53, 1.97, 5.50)

For those who can't see Finn's new records, here they are (without the editing) I had to take out the audio whenever the music played If Finn reuploads his records and it doesn't get copyrighted, I'll delete this


  1. Yea it was pretty hard
  2. Finn Kverndal
  3. İts fake lol
  4. When he was doing the 3-3-3 I thought he said tied pizza
    XD lol
  5. OMG why people didn't put him in best reactions ever.
  6. ور
  7. 0:26 wtf?? xD
  8. OK
  9. wow very good nice!
  10. u speed that up
  11. יפהוטט6אאאאאאאאאאא
  12. tied peter beat lee
  13. LOL
  14. Wtf is tight pizza?
  15. 23,000 vier
  16. Those reactions.... XD
  17. For his 5.50 why does it show 3-3-3 in the left corner? Illuminati Confirmed!?!?
  18. 1.55no WAY HAHAHA
  19. Lol finn is shaking

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