Girl Put Your Records On MMV

This video was made for the MapleStorySEA V-Day Video Challenge 2017. #MapleVDay IGN: Spritzes World: Aquila Plot: The story is about Spritzes being upset about having to celebrate Valentines' Day alone. In the end, she's eventually convinced to just let go of her worries and put on a good song to relax. It's okay to take care and love yourself before you have to take care of others. It's something we should all try to do in our stressful lives! The original "Girl Put Your Records On" was sung by Corinne Bailey Rae. This is a cover version by the very talented, Miranda Ho. You can search for her other covers on her channel! --------------------- Heyyy! They've opened another avenue for voting! Please help show your support in the link below too! --------------------- It's been a REALLY long time since I last released an MMV. I decided to take part in this contest because it brought back so many memories of the good 'ole days of Maple animations. I'm just so glad that you all are still here watching my videos. :D Stay tuned for more in future! You can look at what other stuff I get up to on Facebook!


  1. ...nostalgic
  3. Thumb up! nice song.. been a long time since i watched ur made videos
  4. Welcome back! It has been a while :3
  5. Nice video Sis XD
  6. And holy crap what level are you??
  7. Usually I get sad watching mmvs now days but this is ok.
  8. Hexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    The nostalgia thoooo
  11. Wow it's been so long..... missed your vids and miranda's covers! :'D Great video!!!! :D
  13. Awesome viddddd! 😁 Judu is impressed
  14. Wow it's been such a long time! Great video :D hope you come back and make more.
  15. Bravo !!!!
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  17. Hooooly moly it's been so long!

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