Guinness World Records Attempts in London!! - Fastest Lego Tower! (Family Vlog)

We went to the official Guinness World Records London Headquarters and attempted to set some crazy world records!! Join us on our family trip and watch as we try to build the fastest lego tower and match 20 Emoji pairs! Part two coming soon, Subscribe: Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a comment as we read every single one and reply to as many as we can. We are a family that make fun videos. A mixture of song parodies, film parodies, and a few crazy short films to entertain you. From Superman and other super heroes to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From Ghostbusters to Lego Batman and Power Ranger - We have it all! Special thanks to our wonderful subscribers & regular viewers for all your encouragement. You are all awesome!! The Gorgeous Movies family is David, Janet and their three boys Daniel (11yrs), Harry (9yrs), and Charlie (4yrs). David started making videos with the boys as a way to entertain them. Daniel insisted we put one on Youtube and the rest is history! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow Gorgeous Movies ►Subscribe - ►Instagram - ►Twitter -


  1. Love your vids 😎
  2. Haha
  3. Cool
  4. gorgeous movies when are you going to make the live stream
  5. elloo
  6. Haha, nice work you guys 👍 I can't break the record for the highest lego tower built 😂 keep up the good work tho
  7. you guys are obsessed with world records
  8. ha lucky i love world records please do a lord of the rings parody
  9. I sent you a friend request on the PS4 I'm Leo Messi I have a head set
  10. whoa
  11. Gogogogogogogogogoogogogoogogogogoogogogoogogogooggoogogogogogogogo everyone
  12. Why are you not uploading videos on your gaming channel
  13. watch my channels
  14. Dam
  15. harry well done your time with emoji cards why didn't charlie try any I bet he will be quick at those challenge but good job everyone
  16. 1st cuz nobody claimed it
  17. wow
  18. eg
  19. awsome video guys loved it 👌
  20. i tried it but it's hard

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