hard lacrosse hits u13 best coast

kids dad and mom both are like what the F***


  1. If you look closely it looks like the kid jumped..... But the hit was clean and one of the softest hits I've ever seen. The hit wasn't even that hard but seriously the parents need to learn the rules and tell their child they had a good hit not complain they thought it was illegal when it wasn't.
  2. Clean
  3. Clean*
  4. Those were all clear
  5. It's lax if u can't handle it quit
  6. nice hit man... i play lacrosse also and love hearing the parents complain that its a foul,but they dont know the rules :P
  7. Some people really need to shit the fuck up, your kid is playing not you they can do whatever they want during a game
  8. It was all air, I don't see any hard impact

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