Herbalife sets a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® achievement | #WorldWorkout 2015

Hundreds of thousands turned out to support #WorldWorkout. March 7, 2015 saw one of the most exciting moments in Herbalife history. Herbalife raised global awareness about the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle; #WorldWorkout grabbed attention on every continent and inspired people to exercise more and make healthy food decisions. World Record Workout kicked off bright and early in Auckland, New Zealand at 9am local time on March 7 2015. As the sun rose in every region of the globe, thousands gathered and the #WorldWorkout commenced. From Australia to Russia, Spain to Panama, high intensity workouts took place on beaches, in parks, in gyms and in hotel ballrooms across more than 80 countries – in groups ranging from ten to over a thousand. Social media lit up with #WorldWorkout photos from everywhere; Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Romania, Italy, England, Brazil, the Caribbean, Mexico and the United States! Wherever a #WorldWorkout took place, it was shown online and people were proud to be part of an event that swept around the world from sunrise to sunrise. Herbalife World Record Workout has truly been a worldwide experience. People all over the world completed a single workout devised by Herbalife Fitness Expert, Samantha Clayton. Regardless of the local weather, people were keen to show their support and take part in the high intensity interval training routine. Many enjoyed their 45minute workout in local parks and some completed #WorldWorkout in over a foot of snow or on sun-drenched sandy beaches. All these thousands and thousands of people united by Herbalife and a healthy, active life. This exercise event was one of a kind where participants all over the world gathered together and delivered a unified message by demonstrating the power of a healthy, active lifestyle. In Los Angeles alone, a Guinness World Record was set when 4,000 people filled the LA Live Plaza, this was the highest number of people gathered together in one location to conduct a High Intensity Interval Training Workout. The World Record Workout also served as a benefit to raise funds for the Herbalife Family Foundation, which provides good nutrition to more than 121,000 underserved children around the globe every day. For more information about this activity visit http://www.HerbalifeFamilyFoundation.org *most participants in a High Intensity Interval Training in 24 hours in multiple venues


  1. Im very happy to do Herbalife
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  3. Enthusiasm is amazing but the projection of results obtained with the products and opportunity, and #WorldWorkout starts is to keep growing in the future. Congratulations to Team Herbalife including its Independent Distributors.
  4. Gracias herbalife, por cambiar las vidas de las personas , incluyendo la mía & la de mi familia Felicidades por el 35 aniversario
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  7. Samo nečural bajo moj.
  8. My Best Day this year so far!!!  Doesnt get any better than this for excitement and Global community.
  10. Proud to be in herbalife world workout 2015....thank u herbalife.
  11. I'm a Proud Herbalife Member since 2011 !!
  12. Viva herbalife!!!!!!!!
  13. Awesome to know I'm part of a Guiness Record! Wohoooo!
  14. Thank you #WorldWorkout participants all over the world for helping Herbalife set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD! Your passion has helped raise global awareness about the importance of choosing a healthy, active lifestyle. #HealthyActiveAttitude

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