Huge Rugby Hits | 2015 #3

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  1. Everybody talking shit about American football lmao..... If you watch the NFL videos you will see that, although they wear pads, the worst hits are generally more bone crushing. Pads lead the players to hit harder. You YouTube wimps can't say either sport is tougher than the other until you step on the field and let these fuckers hit you like in these videos!
  2. my friends want me to play rugby and i tell them the same thing every time "not trying to get any more concussions" and this backs up my point
  3. I'm 12 years old and my dream is 2 be n huge rugby player and i wil never give up no matter what
  4. i bet some people have died in this sport
  5. Man at 1:15 got straight up whip lash
  6. I played American football for 8 years than I got to high school and started playing a mans sport rugby
  7. 2:50 & 2:58 was that the same guy getting trucked over by 2 different guys?
  8. The sound sucks
  9. the way the NFL tackles these days, they wouldn't last long. the rugby guys tackle correctly and have to or they'd get injured all the time.
  10. The injury rate must be very high in this sport. I wonder how long a players career is
  11. NFL players who'd decimate & dominate in rugby: ANY linebacker; Ray Lewis, Luke Kuechly, Brian Urlacher, Sean Lee, Clay Matthews, Lawrence Taylor etc.... ANY strong/free safety; Sean Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, Steve Atwater, John Lynch, Rodney Harrison, etc. ANY running back; Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Chris Johnson, Lesean McCoy, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton(RIP), Bo Jackson, Clinton Portis, Reggie Bush, etc, etc.... Few wide receivers; Pierre Garcon, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, etc. Few cornerbacks; Dunta Robinson, Patrick Peterson, entire New England Patriots & Seattle Seahawks & Denver Broncos Secondary. A few defensive linemen; J.J. Watt, Javeon Clowny, etc. This is just a SMALL LIST of names I came up with off the top of my head..... add these guys to any rugby team and that team is INSTANTLY BETTER.
  12. I like how this channel shows both rugby league and union in the same video, the both awesome sports lets just make fun of NFL together aye
  13. I would like to be the guy that never gets the ball
  14. yea fuck that I'm good playing football lol
  15. Awesome
  16. And these fags think these hits are NFL equivalent. LOLOLOLOL WOW. This is like highlights of an average linebacker making normal game tackles. Weak bitch sport
  17. Rugby is discipline football is stupid in nfl are harder hits because They dont worry because the referee is letting the make high hits
  18. Rugby is discipline fotbalul
  19. nfl guys would hurt rugby players.
  20. there are no big guys in rugby like there is in the nfl , so the tackĺes dont hit as hard.

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