Huge Rugby Hits | 2016 #6

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  1. @0:14 I mean the minute u jump Into any player ur gonna get bumped or hurt
  2. who is the player on the cover pic
  3. Son tackles altos casi todo el tiempo, por eso no estan permitidos
  4. Thank yo so much
  5. what's the song called
  6. its just fowards bowling over backs
  7. Yeh my people PNG david mead wrecked brayden williame
  8. Great vids. That music though.
  9. Doing an amazing job, I'm loving it and the music goes so well with it! Keep the heat boi 🔥
  10. I wouldn't not recommend running into Luamanu
  11. Too bad you ruined great videos with shitty audio.
  12. Good video
  13. Great vid;)
  14. what da song name?
  15. Great video bro!! Just needs to be a bit longer.
  16. the song ?? plz
  17. WOOOW
  18. wow epic vídeo new sub 😆
  19. great video as always :D i got so happy when i saw this on my feed
  20. Awesome !!!!

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