Huge Rugby Hits - World Cup Edition

Some of the biggest hits from the 2011 Rugby World Cup Facebook: Song: 300 Violin Orchestra - Jorge Quintero


  1. that last one could've killed the guy
  2. In...
    Soccer you have to score a goal
    Football you have to score a touchdown
    Rugby you have to get rid of the ball before you get killed
  3. That Sam Warburton hit was awesome and I still to this day believe was the worst referring decision for red carding him for that tackle. Wales should have been in the final with the All Blacks. I rate Sam right up there with other 7's. He's absolutely world class and would definitely cut it with the elite in New Zealand. One of the best Welsh players in a long time in my opinion.
  4. The people who get stiff armed aren't even tackling right. And also they are half the ball carrier's size Lol
  6. alguien de argentina que le fascina este deporte
  7. 3:04 0_0 also can we please stop comparing to football every fucking video
  8. last one was brutal
  9. 3:05 is the best hit
  10. Damn guys I love football to death but that hit at 3:05 should put this stupid argument of who hits harder to rest. That shit was brutal and just as hard if not harder than hits you see in the NFL so quit the stupid shit guys..
  11. You guys do know that if USA played rugby like kiwis, USA would be the more dominant rugby nation. They have the quickness, toughness and skill set to dominate rugby as a nation, they just don't have the desire to pick up the rugby ball like it was a basketball or grid iron ball. If they treat it like a passion rather than a normal sport, things would be a lot different. So As rugby supporters, We should be encouraging other people/countries how to play rugby. Not fighting about which sport is better, each sport has its comparison. So shut up and start developing! Selfish pricks..
  12. American football hits are bigger but only cos of the stupid padding that inflates it, they just look bigger but rugby is better
  13. complete idiots haha go tackle your non existin brains outta ya rugby heads yo faggs
  14. I don't understand this is Murica

  15. Song please !?
  16. and THAT, is why rugby beats american football
  17. Was that Arnold schwartznegger at 2:55?
  18. im a football player and i can honestly agree rugby hits are 10 times harder!
  19. doesn't matter what any body says rugby is a mans sport i used to play and i would love to see new Zealand play Canada doesn't matter what tear team it is for new Zealand  
  20. Who ever says that American football has bigger hits is wrong! We don't wear all that gear and we have huge tackles quite clearly demonstrated in this short clip. Rugby is a demanding sport that takes both speed and strength, american football players just need speed, as they do not tackle properly but just run into the opposing player with the ball attempting to knock him down. When or if he does the play stops? There is no momentum in the game what so ever, just stop and start and stop start constantly

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