Huge Shark Caught - Biggest Shark Ever Captured!

One of the biggest sharks to ever be officially record was found off the shores of Pakistan in early 2012. This whale shark was measured to be over 40 feet long and weighted almost 50,000 lbs. It was found alive, but dying roughly 100 miles away from the harbor by a roaming fisherman. By the time he was able to bring it to shore, the giant shark was dead. It took several cranes to get it out of the water as hundreds of people gathered to see the huge shark. It was report to be sold for $18,000. While whale sharks the biggest actual "Fish" in the world it is a very gentle creature and there have been no reported attacks on humans as divers routinely catch rides from these shark's fins. The biggest man-eating shark in the world was caught fairly recently off Mexico's Guadalupe Island and is said to be the biggest great white shark ever caught. This giant shark was measured at 17.9 feet long and broke the previous record of 16.8 set several years ago. The Biggest Shark in History is the Megalodon, however there hasn't been any recorded cases of finding one alive. Other Epic Shark Videos Rare Shark Discovery Worlds Deadliest Shark Rare Goblin Shark Let's Connect -- -- -- -- -- World Record - Biggest Shark Ever Caught Giant Sharks - Whale Shark Wiki Biggest Shark in the World - Caught in Pakistan Huge Shark - Largest Ever! Biggest Great White Shark in the World - Giant Shark Royalty Free Music & Sound effects obtained from


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