This is LIGHTNING LINK slot machine Happy Lantern slot bonus and Hold & Spin feature big wins and Sahara Gold slot machine bonus and JACKPOT HANDPAY WIN! This was great session overall in two different machines and first time ever I hit the max bet and it gave me jackpot. Enjoy! Please subscribe,like and share for more vides. Thank you for watching.


  1. Oh my goodness! 😍😍 So beautiful, Blue!!!!! Yay!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Loved it lots!!!!!! Huge Congrats on all those beauties, especially that last one, Blue!!!!!!!! Woooooooo!!!!!!!! You will be mastering these games, I just know it!!!!! WTG!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
  2. My man Blueheart always coming in HUGE with the wins... Keep on spinnin!!
  3. amazing run congratulations
  4. Hi congrats, where are you playing please?
  5. So his credits says 2126.52 and in the bonus he won like 1300 does he not get back the 2000 in credits cause it say handpay 1300 something like that or did he win 3000 something dollars??
  6. Where were you playing?
  7. Wonderful!!! Big congrats!!!
  8. Damn good streak there!
  9. There you go "lightning" strikes again!!
  10. Wow, those are some big bets, glad it paid off Blue, Congrats!
  11. Very Nice hit Blue. Congrats!
  12. Yay, Blue!!! Sweet run! Love that hand pay music! :)
  13. Just beautiful, great run.
  14. Love it when the bell rings and that hand pay music begins. Super nice win making $5 bets on a 2 cent machine. Nice return on a $10 investment. You seem to do this all the time, you lucky man. That should make up for feeling bad and canceling your trip to Vegas. Hope you're better soon.
  15. Wow! It was already a handpay (over $1200) even before the spin and hold feature started. Great win, Blue! I've only played this game once, and lost $100 without triggering the feature. First and last time. Lol. Maybe I wil try again and hopefully get a different outcome. :-) Great wins! Congrats!!!
  16. first, these machines are never "ready to hit". I've seen them sit at 1000 for weeks without hitting. 2nd, if you play there games betting $3 or more, it's really dumb to play the 1, and 2c denom
  17. Loved the MAJOR hit!! Congrats Blue on that piano music win! :)
  18. I need Blue's luck! congrats 👍🎰💰💰💰
  19. hey blueheart great win!!! could u please try to find dragons over nanjing or thunder dragon and make a video!!!!
  20. Great bonus !! Sahara is my fave Lightning Link machine. Very lucky with the major it seems. Congrats!!!

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