Lacrosse - Biggest Hits.m4v

Biggest Hits of Lacrosse Thanks for all the videos used. Song: Bodies - Drowning Pool (I put the wrong band in the video)


  1. In field lacrosse if your within 9 feet of the ball while lose you can get rocked. Most hits legal unless stuff has changed since I've played. Great movie I especially like the hit were the guys helmet flys off no penalty issued on that one.
  2. @ExactDarkness51 its called boz league its basically not lacrosse at all its more hockey where they fight about stupid shit and its just stupid to watch
  3. they fight of course!
  4. What happens at 2:32?
  5. yeah i know it's by drowning pool. it says in the description. and i didn't steal the vid, only the footage.

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