Largest Koi in UK 90lb Kigoi Su

The biggest koi in the see it in the flesh is much better than any video,but here she is ;o)


  1. 30 ibs? yur fucking retarded lmfao
  2. ive seen this fish in real life. its the size of a small dolphin
  3. It's a mid twenty I'd nail it to the nearest tree
  4. You retards have never seen a 30 it 40 lb fish in or out the water ... This fish is enormous
  5. in a restaurant in ym country (dont worry they dont cook them) they ahd a few this size in a massive pond
  6. wow name song??
  7. why do peeps wana know the name of the song its shit
  8. Whats the Name of this Song!?
  9. @AiNishikigoi LOL =D
  10. @Xxrandomk1dxX @ bardills the fish you have seen is an old chagoi they have it is no more than 20 pound and is no longer than 28-30 inch a big fish but not huge.
  11. theres on ea bit bigger or that size in bardills koi centre, in stapleford, nottinghamshire is that that fish?
  12. what is the name of the song?
  13. Video does not do justice Iv seen this koi many times and she is very big Many Koi in the tank are very large this maybe why contributors have found it hard to believe the quoted size. He is telling the truth 90lb+ 120cm Kigoi Koi Believe this is still the largest coloured Koi exported from Japan Also this koi is on show to the public most days of the week also live video of the tank No hiding anything here Thanks Rainbow Koi for bringing her for us to see How about going to get big brother?
  14. Yeah, I agree with people on here.. No way it is 90lbs. Maybe 30.
  15. It is indeed,'that fish' ;o)
  16. ive jus seen tht koi , the place is ryt by me and now its jus over 100lb its abosulutely massive :D brilliant fish it is :D
  17. if you need perspective on the fishes size look at the top suggested video over here-------------> it is the same fish, Su
  18. how do they know its the largest in the uk. I'm not saying i have larger....but no one ever came round to measure them just incase lol
  19. How old is she?
  20. Trust us mate,ive been carp fishing for nearly 20 years,seen some chunks on the bank in that time...this fish is massive. And i have said elsewhere,it may not be 90lbs but its up close to it,deffo 80+

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