Lightning Link BIG WIN major jackpot slot machine pokie bonus

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  1. awesome
  2. Why couldn't this have been last night :p haha. Gorgeous hit
  3. update: I played and hit the major on 50c bet for around the same amount as u. LOVE THIS GAME!
  4. Is $500 a huge win in the states?
  5. Don't you just love these machines? If anything was to get you addicted to slots, this machine is it. I played a similar machine tonight with the same bonuses, and I also won the major. Mine was $776 (but that's only about $520 American)
  6. Which casino was this in?
  7. interesting. I didn't know you could hit the lightning bonus within a bonus. congratulations
  8. Congrats on a huge win, especially the major progressive! ;)

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