Major League Lacrosse: Biggest Hits of 2013

The biggest dives, hits and stick checks from the 2013 MLL season! #mllexclusive Subscribe to the MLL on YouTube! LIKE The MLL on Facebook Follow the MLL on Twitter The Lacrosse Network | Partnered Channel Subscribe to The Lacrosse Network for more great lacrosse content!


  1. @issacnorrris no it has to be above the waste and below the neck and they must have the ball,
  2. this is just hurling with a fishing net and a space suit
  3. in the 2nd clip are you allowed to just rear back and hit the shit out of players with your stick? Seems pretty messed up if so.
  4. are you allowed to hit people without the ball? and can you cross check players in the head/neck?
  5. Football anyone?
  6. Anyone else notice Joel white in like 25% of these hits?
  7. A collection 150lb American nerds gently bumping into eachother and flopping to the ground like Soccer players.
  8. hoenstly the best sport is called AFL. ESSENDON BOMBERS are the best team and yeh none of this bullshit just REAL sport. i think anyone can play hockey when you can hit women and pick the fucking ball up and run with it
  9. again WEAK. try hitting the turf or a stick without a HELMET!!!! when will the americans learn how to be tough in sport and not rely on a cable tv network or some fucking gumba trying to bet on the game.... well done tony soprano your bitches would be proud LACROSSE is obviously french for tak a dive throw and wear a helmet, so you wont get fuckn hurt,,, shit, half these guys wouldnt have teeth if i was playing fotball with a stick
  10. 31 seconds in and American plus protective pads must equal cool..... look at hockey, not that ice bullshit and look at the ausralian football league hardest hits... im sorry but this sport simple doesn't compare
  11. Cittidino at 1:44...put him in the wall!
  12. Is it legal to hit/push a player behind the back in this league?
  13. Joel white just gets targeted in the mll lol
  14. Slashing does not exist in the mll
  15. I feel bad for Joel White now. :(
  16. When he mimicked the flop😂
  17. 2:03 that flop tho...
  18. Ryan young killed them
  19. 2:07 Really? Nice flopping
  20. Poor Joel White about half of them were on him

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