[MapleStory] Hungry Muto Party Quest Guide! (ChuChu Island)

Hope this helps you guys :D The Top Five Best Classes for Unfunded Players video will be out this weekend so stick around for it! I'll make sure it's nice and flushed out~ iSlingGunz's PQ Guide: http://i.imgur.com/C5pfFHX.jpg https://www.youtube.com/user/iSIingGunz Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmartBoredYT Twitch http://Twitch.tv/JinPwnsAll Ask.Fm: http://Ask.fm/KawaiiJinli Graphics: http://youtube.com/user/DuhTofu Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Leave a like, comment and subscribe if you haven't. I do read all my comments I just don't really have the time to answer all of them but I love reading them :)


  1. I made a mistake: 4 is the maximum amount of party members you can have (credit to Yuuki Asuna)
  2. Hi SB,I really appreciate this video it has cleared up a lot for me to be confident to do the quest now and you have the perfect voice for this presentation. I have a Lvl almost 232 hero in broa :D The map showing the monster placement was very helpful to
  3. btw you should almost never do normal just look for a party to clear hard.
  4. when is the unfunded top five coming out?
    O u O
  5. How did you go about choosing your main class
  6. Seriously Jin...you gave up SmartBored to make your DB Jinli..hope you didn't regret that decision.
  7. Did you change the name of your dual blade?
  8. its true that the more party members the slower the bar goes. but the more party members the easier you can collect all items. so if you can kill fast or decent (with droprate) do it with less people. else take 4 and try to buy efficent. Edit: with 4 you kinda need to get all perfects to get 5 symbols.
  9. you are 100% wrong its the same difficulty when u go solo and with four its all pure luck on which mission u would get
  10. the pq isn't hard at all for unfunded players. u can just make a pt of 4ppl. it's super easy
  11. So if you do around 70-80m a line u can one shot them i guess depending on class :P I'd say around 100m a line for guarantee one shot soo thats good to note.
  12. is that the prequest?
  13. Hot
  14. what's is your league of legends name? I'm gold 4 rn
  15. Correction its up to 4 party members
  16. Hi there

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