[MapleStory] Quick Tip - How To Get Your Daily Reward Points (3k)

I thought I'd share how I get my daily 3k maple reward points :) If you guys use any other methods please comment below for other people to see!! BOSSING + STAR PLANET = 3K EASY. :D Twitch : http://www.twitch.tv/thacookey HitBoxTv: http:www.hitbox.tv/ThaCookey Plan on streaming soon! Follow me :D :D Follow me on twitter : www.twitter.com/mariimaki :) Greatly appreciated -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "[MapleStory] Getting My Absolab Gloves!! (Cubing it)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDqEPJDtkCk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


  1. Hey guys! Sorry to inform you all but STAR PLANET HAS BEEN OFFICIALLY SHUT DOWN. );
  2. how do i get to star planet?
  3. Maki what are your equips for your Kaiser? I'm a level 160 but I don't see any rewards coming out of my damage. I practically have all RA equips and a tyrant cape
  4. which server do you play on?
  5. Maki vc é do Brasil haha, jamais imaginaria isso.
  6. I love your voice
  7. excuse me maki but after 1k at star planet it doesnt give me anymore :( why
  8. Omg your accent is beautiful. what country do u come from?
  9. I have to say, your voice is so tender! Anyways, ty on the tip for star planet
  10. Ok perfect let's play sometime
  11. what if im too low level/not enough damage to do most of these bosses
  12. Oh umm I'm in zenith!
  13. +Maki M how to convert Mileage
  14. I want to play in star planet don't have any friends in this game
  15. Can you use reward point on things outside of the Reward Shop? I feel like I have for some reason... :o
  16. Thanksss nice video
  17. Thanks for this video! Super helpful
  18. your voice is soo cute! :3
  19. @Daniel Kim  (can't reply) You don't have to do any prequests for zakum, just go to el nath where the job instructors are and talk to the one for your class. he will tele u :D
  20. I came back to maplestory recently and I am level 160 and funded pretty well, how do I do bosses? do I still have to get red eye? to do the zakum? or is there other method to do it?

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