Marine wins 2.8 Million Dollar Jackpot

Corporal Alex Degenhardt of the Marine Corps winning 2.8 Million Dollars from a slot machine at the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.


  1. The number of views at the time I'm watching is 2.886 million. Damn!
  2. "You're like God right now" GFTO! It's just money and only a one time payment of $2.8 million. Some people need to get their priorities straight.
  3. God bless him
  4. its feel like you catch a big&rare fish when fishing.
  5. a couple of days after he gets wacked now no where to be seen...its dangerous winning that much at the casino the managers and bosses are gonna plan a hit on you lol
  6. damn
  7. it's amazing how the scales change when you win money
  8. He won 2.8 mil. This video has 2.8 mil views. Coincidence? I think not.
  9. The first I've ever heard where the casino doesn't blame the machine for malfunctioning. Ummm.
  10. No double or nothing on the roulette table afterwards?
  11. 2.8 m$ and 2.8m wiews lool
  12. it's no wonder the casino didn't say machine malfunction and not Give him any money😕
  13. 2.8 winning ..... 2.8 million views.... weird
  14. Don't celebrate until cash is in hand
  15. they prob took him out back and shot him.
  16. 2.8m win and 2.8m views . Will bet the house on 28 at Vegas next time i go
  17. 2.8 million views 🤔
  18. He's now broke and living with his parents there's a documentary about him life after the win.
  19. 2.8m views! Coincidence!? I think not!
  20. Nothing tilts me more than people that crowd around in casinos when other people win big $ and they have to stand around for hours in jealousy or just pure excitement to see what was hit. It wasn't you, move along. He won 2.8 mil, who gives a fuck. The worst is the people who beg and the degenerates who try to suck $ from people who get jackpots. So many low life scumbags in casinos. I've had some pretty big wins on slots myself, i hit 186k and a bunch of 20-30-40-50k hits betting in the high limits $20-100 a spin over my tenure but anyone who gambles frequently swings $ in circles and is living a very dark life. This guy seems like he's just in Vegas for pure enjoyment with friends and had some crazy luck and good for him.

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