★ MASSIVE JACKPOT ★ AS IT HAPPENS! ★ "WALKING DEAD 2" Slot Machine Bonus Win Videos

★ MASSIVE JACKPOT ★ AS IT HAPPENS! ★ "WALKING DEAD 2" Slot Machine Bonus Win Videos. My 3rd biggest jackpot EVER!!!! And my FIRST JACKPOT in 2016!!!! So excited to show this one. ENJOY!!!! Belterra Park Casino, OH. $3.75 Max Bet. I often go to LAS VEGAS CASINOS to gamble and play the SLOT MACHINES, hoping for BIG WINS!!! But, as we all know with SLOT MACHINES, getting a JACKPOT ain't easy. Hell, getting a SUPER BIG WIN ain't easy!!! At some point, we're just hoping for a BONUS. Usually a "handpay" strikes on a slot machine when you are least expecting it! So enjoy the slot videos, and have FUN!!!! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, and look at my CHANNEL HOMEPAGE for a playlist of my top 20 BIGGEST and MOST EXCITING wins!!! You can find those wins here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcS5jXuvbxmJqlDvD_foo2np-ec_QUqRO


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  5. Amazing win!! Congrats!! Im gonna try the stair stepper method when I go to the casino. ty
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  10. I have yet to win on this game, or even get a bonus!
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