Michael Moore endorses Donald Trump, the biggest F^CK You to the establishment!

This is an unbelievable movement!!! Michael Moore has seen the light and voting for Trump!


  1. michael moores pro trump was the best.
  2. "This is an unbelievable movement!!! Michael Moore has seen the light and voting for Trump!" Typical right wing lying propaganda that got Trump elected in the first place,.
  3. export his ass, too!
  4. the ONE time I have agreed with Mr Moore. Spot on...and it was done last night!..
  5. why are so many against what he said. I listen to whole video. what he said in this 4 mins is spot on correct . sorry that truth hurt but it is truth. where did he lie . don't see it. micheal Moore thank you for your service and your films
  6. lol This clickbait is for the people who inspired Trump to say, "I love the poorly educated."
  7. This is fucking stupid. A tariff is not a "fuck you" to the system or a bomb blowing it up. A tariff is more money being funneled into the government! Just because someone is using state violence against someone else that works in your favor does NOT mean it's peaceful anarchy. Fucking hell.
  8. Shame on you Michael Moore. you know his lip service is with not save the air, food, water and jobs. Give Jill your endorsement. Hate has never worked. your will get all you hate when you vote with hate. it is a proven fact. Your not voting for Trump. Your voting to hate Hillary and hating will not work. Wall Street will be happy to sell you all the hate gear you can buy. and spend the rest of democracies death as Fear & Amo;s centerfold. You're right is this was a game of inhumanity. It's not.
  9. I voted Trump and Pence. Because American is a last stand for me. God Bless American.
  10. VICTORY !!!!
  11. Don't be so stupid, watch the whole film, Moore does not endorse Trump, but he does understand why poor uneducated Americans like him, he empathises with these people, this part has been taken out of context. What he says after.... 'it will feel good'.... he then says...' for a day, a week, maybe a month....... and when you realise Trump has no intention of helping these people it will be too late'
  12. I remember who Moore is and I still hold him to his Progressiveness and as a Conservative American, Moore has said nothing that convinces me otherwise. TRUMP16 in a totally massive and boring assed landslide!
  13. He doesn't endorse Trump at all. He is explaining why middle America is voting for him.  Do your homework before posting this crap.
  14. Then fucking vote for him you idiot! He rants a long winded speech about things he believes in, but yet doesnt like him as a person so will not vote for him.....UUGGHHHH
  15. Evolved Ape is attempting to censor criticism. Evolved Ape is retarded
  16. he hates Trump. He's just saying the people are fed up.
  17. Moore did NOT endorse Trump, you need to hear the entirety. He simply stated he understood why they would think of voting for him. That doesnt mean he thinks theyre right, he actually thinks Trump is vile, only that he understands their motives. Thats why the video ends where it does.. They are trying to manipulate you into agreeing with the narrative of the author of this channel and the rightwing. Hes saying although it may feel good to say "fck u" to the establish, that feeling would be fleeting when you start actually feeling the effects of that vote.
  18. Michael  Moore predicted a Trump win a month ago in front of a panel of msnbc hacks. They were speechless and ready to cry cause they knew he was right.
  20. Tariffs are merely a delay which destroys long-term relations between nations.

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