Michael Moore Endorses Trump : It's going to be the Biggest F*ck You in Human History

Michael Moore States : Donald Trump is going to win this November election. When this happens it's going to be the biggest F*ck You ever recorded in human history !


  1. Trump people, you're being lied to by Trump campaigners, AGAIN
    The title and video editing is intentionally misleading. Moore is with Her.

    Trump campaigners are so desperate!
    tried in vain to reframe Michael Moore's support for Hillary to "Mike's with Trump"
    Can you believe that? They don't even care about being found out!
    The ruthlessness and cunning of Trump manipulators. Treat people like dumb disposable little puppets!
    Whatever, believe whatever y'all want

    Just here to clear confusion about Mike Moore's Trumpland movie main message:
    Mike Moore, a Bernie Sanders supporter, who'd never voted for Clintons, is voting for Hillary.
    Mike Moore loves Americans, and he is terrified of Trump's capacity to do damage to already poor states
    He is also trying to reach out, to rebuild bridges blown up by Trump's hate inciting campaigns.
  2. Here is a much more visual version that is going viral https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiT4I27YokM. Not to take away from what you have but the visuals really drive home the point.

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