Micheal Moore: Trump's election will be the biggest Fuck You in human history


  1. how was this made?
  2. I got chills watching this...
    But I'm still confused; didn't Michael Moore hate Trump?
  3. Praise God Emperor Trump
  4. I hate him but he was 100% correct here
  5. Well made video!.....Respect!
  6. still feels good
  7. It hasn't felt good. It has felt AMAZING!!! Thank God middle America didn't fall for the white guilt propaganda the left was throwing out as fast as they make it. Liberals think we are so simple, but it's because they're so disconnected from the REAL America. MAGA!
  8. Trump for President! MAXIMUM TERM!!!!
  9. An absolute champion to the people .....
  10. Fuck yea. I put that big X on his name and will again four years from now.
  11. We're not racists, but we're pissed off at how Obama fucked up our great country with PC horseshit.
  12. We fucking did it.
  13. jokes on you assholes!
  14. 🇺🇸 god bless america. 🇺🇸
  15. the bigger fuck you was, when the Jews completely sliced Germany into pieces. when 0,4% of the Population of Germany was high class Jews that steered the whole society and decided over Hunger, Work, Stigmatization and their way of life.
    When you see French Army walk through Germany and kick people on the ground.
    The nation that was declared war on had won WW1 and let the enemies get away with a FULL PEACE OFFER without any consequences, until the jews world imperia did unite.
    the German folk was solely made resonsible for WW1, despite France and England declared war on Austria and Germany.

    And suddenly, when Hitler came, the people got in food, shape, cltothing, the economy grew and he dragged the country out of the elite system.
    in 1936 the jewish elite had finish plans to redestroy Germany after it had defended against taht system only from 1933 on.
    in July that year W Chruchill said: Germany has grown too strong, we must destroy her.

    And the work elite eventually suddeeded.
    With the help of the whole american people, who were deceived.
    And they will be deceived again
    They not only destryoed the honorable Germans who offered white peace to her their agressors, they let Kennedy who wanted to gethis american people out of the grip get killed and they let vietnam, korea, iraq happen.
    and they will also fall for when Trump will be pushed out of office.
    Germany was already far ahead of waht it is now in 1890 and Berlin was the world capital.

    The Amrican people mostly dont know history and got fooled the last century after they let happen the destruction of culutrally and technically most advanced civilization of the planet, taht even today inherits most UNESCO cultural heritages as remianing witnesses.
    The education of the people is too low to udnerstand. People will never be free.
    Thedamage on the German people can never be resolved. it has gone into capitalism of the elite as well by the laws of 1949...
    "thank you America" you , the people, never know what you have done to a culture that you never achieved.
  16. "Inception" soundtrack in background...
  17. Moore was willing to pretend to be passionate shepherd to the lesser peoples...until Trump won. Now he "must be opposed..." that "The other side needs to be ready to roll right now to do whatever it takes to stop his appointment...."
    Nice guy, that Moore, until he doesn't get what he wants.
  19. song is Time from inception soundtrack
  20. He made a "populist" campaign....and that made him a winner.... He told what people wanted to hear... Thats why he won the run... and I'm sorry for that, has a world citizen, but Americans had the rigth to vote like that.

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