Most AMAZING World Records You Won't Believe!

Check out the most amazing world records! You won't believe this top list of people performing incredible and shocking record breaking achievements. Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "Things You DIDNT Know About EVERYDAY Objects!" video here: Watch our "Most AMAZING Experiments You Can Do At Home!" video here: Watch our "Things You're Doing WRONG!" video here: #11 Longest Fingernails Do you ever let your fingernails get a little too long? Well, however long they get, they are probably nowhere near as long as the record set by American Lee Redmond. She holds the record for “longest fingernails ever on a pair of female hands”. The Guinness Book of World Records divides the record for the longest fingernails into genders. Lee started her fingernail pursuit in 1979. In actuality, it wasn’t planned, she was simply challenging herself. She was trying to grow her nails out and told herself she would only cut them if they started growing out of shape. But thanks to her grooming skills, they grew out perfectly curved and healthy. In 2008, Lee had her nails measured on the set of Lo Show Dei Record, an Italian T.V. program dedicated to world records. They were over 8.65 m(24ft) long! The following year, Lee Redmond was in a fatal car accident. Not to worry! It wasn’t fatal to her per se, but it was fatal to her prized nails. She says that she discovered there was more to life than nails. A good friend of Lee’s, Melvin Boothe understood her pain. Boothe, in December 2009, set the record for the “longest fingernails on a pair of male hands” whose nails had a combined length of 9.85 m (32 ft 3.8 in), when measured in Troy, Michigan, USA on May 30th 2009. .His nails seemed to grow astray unlike Redmond’s. Unfortunately, Melvin passed away in December 2009, just a few months after setting the record. #10 Heaviest Onion Just hearing about this record is bound to make your eyes water! In 2014’s Harrogate Autumn flower show in North Yorkshire, UK, British gardner Tony Glover presented us with a record-breaking onion. For years, Mr. Glover had loved gardening, but it wasn’t until that year that he finally grew the onion of his dreams. The whopper weighed 8.5 kg (18 lb 11.84 oz). That one onion is large enough to make 250 onion bhajees, French onion soup for 36 people or 50 portions of onion rings! The only sad part about this record was that it was taken from Peter Glazebrook, who at 68, broke the record two years prior at the same festival. Glover beat his by more than ten ounces. Lucky for Mr. Glazebrook, although he loves his onions, he has been known to grow a large variety of hefty veggies, such as cabbages and beets, so it’s safe to say this won’t be the end for him! #9 Tallest Mohawk I’ve seen some crazy hair-dos, but this one may top them all. In April of 2014, Kazuhiro Watanabe set the record for the tallest Mohican Hairstyle. Also known as a Mohawk spike, his hair reaches almost 4 ft tall. It took Kazuhiro 15 years to grow his hair out. He wanted to be in the Guinness Book of World Records and his initial idea was to drink the most Tabasco sauce in one sitting, but decided to go with this hairy record instead. To get it into shape takes three stylists, three cannisters of hair spray and a bottle of hair gel, Watanabe said. Without gel and hairspray, the hair reaches his knees. You may think of him as the Mohawk guy, but actually, he tends to keep his hair down or clipped back. He only gels it to display his record. His kids have never even seen his record-setting ‘do in person. Although, his young daughter swears she will be the one to reach hair heights greater than her father one day when she beats his record fair and square! #8 Loudest Bark You might think that your dog has to have the loudest bark in the world. Especially at four in the morning. If this is actually true, he will have to prove it by beating Charlie who lives in Adelaide, Australia. Belinda Freebairn, Charlie’s owner, measured his bark at a Purina Bark in the Park event and it read 113.1 dB. Which means, the golden retriever’s bark is louder than a rock concert! Medical professionals state that less than a minute exposed to 112 decibels can cause permanent damage to the ear. A thunderclap is 120 dB and a siren is 115. Any louder and Charlie would be equivalent to one of these! To be fair, golden retrievers are known for having the loudest bark out of any other dog breed. I’m just glad I am not her neighbor. #7 Most Expensive Dessert Have a taste for the sweeter things in life? Well this record might not be as strange but it is pretty cool! In New York City you can purchase the world’s most expensive dessert! It will only cost you $25,000 at Serendipity 3.


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