My Complete XBOX 360 Games Collection (PART 10) HUGE - BIGGEST ON YOUTUBE

Part 10 of my XBOX 360 games collection.


  1. Wonderfull... I have just 178 Games of Xbox 360 (But i've more 2000 video Game ^^)
  2. Dont try the vampire rain, its terryble. Just for the collection, i guess:D
  3. how much gamerscore do you have and what's your gamertag
  4. I wish i was ur son
  5. Rainbow Six 1 and 2 Awesome games, you should try them out, I also have them, conviction is also a great game, but I haven't played it yet, I have to give it a try someday.
  6. anyone else think he sounds a bit depressed?
  7. What is your gamertag
  8. @WolfgangDZ well it will give you something to do =P
  9. @CeMDRAGONify I can certainly do that. Will be fun trying to summarisew near 700 games down to 10 lol :)
  10. could you possibliy do a top ten please?
  11. @redduck200 Personally I have only purchased a total of 2 games from Game and 2 games from Gamestation. I think they are both over priced and it is always better to look online for offers. The only good thing about Game is the Game exclusive preorders. But as I say, out of 675 games I have brought 4 from those shops (in total) so they are not on my list of game shops I would recommend.
  12. @WolfgangDZ Nope, Quake Wars also has achievements as far as I know. I used to own the game, but I never got an achievements in it due to the fact that I hated it. How much gamerscore have you got?
  13. IS it better to go to game or gamestation for bargains
  14. @Xongu93 Thanks for that. Maybe it is Quake Wars I was thinking of? My friend told me one of them has 0 point achievements or something.
  15. There are achievements in Unreal Tournament 3, as well as a campaign, but the majority of the achievements are for multiplayer.

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