My Complete XBOX 360 Games Collection (PART 3) HUGE - BIGGEST ON YOUTUBE

This is part 3 of my complete XBOX 360 games collection. My collection is way to big to fit into one video, and may now take 12-13 parts (so far)


  1. Nice Gob, Fast with short perfect commentaries. No new games?
  2. He judges a bunch games that he hasn't even played yet and he hasn't even play half of the 600 games he owned
  3. 4 things to say: ° Start playing those games. ° Why buy 4 editions for fallout 3? Same for oblivion and the others. ° You have bad taste of games. If your gonna be like that go make a game! ° Whats your job? U rich? Other than that cool vid!
  4. De Blob 2 is a terrible game don't play it.
  5. you need to start playing your games
  6. Please watch my videos!!!!
  7. are you going to get the xbox 720 when it comes out?
  8. FINALLY someone who agrees that dead rising isnt the god damn holy grail... awful game
  9. You have a great 360 collection and biggest on here....probably not as mine is about as big as yours and have a huge US 360 collection.
  10. Definitely! :D
  11. I do have that! It is a great game with seemingly endless waves of enemies!!
  12. Mate, I have a fantastic job, two cars, a house and a wife, but thank you for presuming! :-)
  13. damnation is terriable dont play it
  14. your 3-3 for great videos
  15. i think you will love dead island the best zombie survivor game wonderful map and great graphics let me know what you think man.
  16. how many do u have in total
  17. hey do you have ninety nine nights 2 its a good game and i promise you'll like it
  18. how come u havnt played most of them
  19. @BallsMahoeny Indeed.
  20. how many hard drives do you have?

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