My Complete XBOX 360 Games Collection (PART 7) HUGE - BIGGEST ON YOUTUBE

Part 7 of my XBOX 360 games collection.


  1. lot of Need4Speed games
  2. if thts a lord of the rings tat your a straight up thug life outlaw!!!!
  3. you need to get need for speed the run
  4. i loved prey awsome game
  5. @V3t3r4nM1nd someof those are NTSC games. I am not currently collecting that market but soon I am ordering around 50 game in bulk from the states :)
  6. I just picked up DeathSmiles, BPS:The Strike,Jurassic:The Hunted and Quantum Theory. I have a package on it's way that I ordered online with 50 games that I got cheap.

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